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Alliance Investment Real Estate Group

Our Commitment

At Alliance Investment Real Estate Group, our dedicated agents work hard by constantly combing through market activity and researching emerging market trends. Regardless if you are a seller or a buyer, Alliance is committed to providing you with the highest level of service you deserve and expect. Based on years of experience and expertise, we offer customized solutions for investors large and small, work one-on-one with our clients to understand their goals, and implement a customized plan to achieve your investment objectives.

What you can expect from a typical firm:

Generally speaking, commercial real estate is a business of independent contractors working as agents who focus on procuring and servicing their individual clients. In most cases, agents procure these clients to serve their own needs to the best of their ability. This unfortunately results with agents not typically sharing their deals or clients with agents within the same office or from other companies as these other agents are perceived as their competition. This business practice places the entire burden of servicing a client solely on the efforts of the individual agent. This approach is obviously to the detriment of the client which is why Alliance subscribes to a more progressive school of thought.

What you can expect with the Alliance Investment Real Estate Group advantage:

At Alliance, we understand that our clients have three basic needs.
They want:

  1. 1) Great value when buying
  2. 2) Top dollar when selling and
  3. 3) To maximize cash flow while holding. Alliance is constantly preparing property evaluations and rent surveys throughout Southern California to help attain these basic investment needs. As you can imagine, you would be hard pressed to find another firm as experienced and as dedicated as Alliance agents!

Serving SELLERS:

When it comes to serving our sellers, we excel in exceeding expectations. Since we specialize in marketing Southern California income properties, we utilize all available marketing resources in all major marketing mediums (i.e., MLS, LoopNet, print, postcards, broker forums, investor symposiums, e-mail campaigns, cold calling, etc.). Unlike most firms, our top priority is to obtain maximum price, not maximum commissions. As such, we fully cooperate with outside brokers on all our listings and immediately give our clients’ properties maximum exposure.

Many brokerage firms may mislead their clients with the perception that because they are a national firm, they can better serve their clients’ needs. With the advances in technology and web-based services in today’s world, this couldn’t be further from the truth. All firms of any size will usually share their listings internally among the agents before exposing it to the general market and to outside brokers. It’s logical then that a smaller, core team of agents that work hand-in-hand with one another is much more likely to expose a property to the entire national market much quicker than a “national” firm whose agents have little to no interaction among one another. When a national company says nationally, they mean internally. When Alliance says nationally, we mean to the entire market, principals and brokers!

Serving BUYERS:

In serving our Buyers’ needs, Alliance has a unique approach of encouraging Alliance agents to share all off-market and unlisted deals with one another and to leverage each others’ efforts. This is a value added benefit to our clients and is a very uncommon practice in our industry. Many of the opportunities we take to our buyers are properties that never get listed or hit the open market. These are commonly referred to as “pocket deals”. In addition to our internal inventory of pocket deals, Alliance is also able to share pocket deals from other outside brokers through our established relationships based on trust and integrity.

Alliance proactively dedicates significant time to aggressively track all Southern California on-market and sold listings to keep abreast of market trends and transactions. This information is then shared with our active investors so they can also stay updated on market activity without having to dedicate the time and energy out of their already busy lives.