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Trust your hard earned investment dollars to the specialists at Alliance Investment Real Estate Group and let us do all the heavy lifting for you.

A Buyer:

Can be secure in knowing that Alliance will present them with every investment opportunity available to the general public. And because our company philosophy promotes an internal system of broker cooperation, this enables our clients to be exposed to even more opportunities via off-market and pocket deals. This in turn allows Alliance to help meet our clients’ investment and 1031 exchange objectives.

A Seller:

Can rest assured that their property will get as much exposure to the general market as possible guaranteeing that they are getting top price with the most attractive terms. Our experienced agents believe that the key to exceeding our sellers’ expectations is twofold;

  1. 1) Maximizing property exposure through targeted marketing campaigns to active investors nationwide and
  2. 2) Welcoming full broker cooperation with all brokerage firms.

Prior to marketing your property for sale, Alliance will prepare a thorough property evaluation for your review which includes:

  • City/County trend reports
  • Quick stat reports
  • Market rent analysis
  • Sold comps for nearby properties
  • On-market and pending sales comps
  • Exchange scenarios and analysis
  • 1031 up-leg opportunities and alternatives

We are also happy to offer information on investment alternatives such as private annuity trusts, tenants-in-common (TIC’s), charitable remainder trusts (CRTs), and other tax deferral strategies that cater to your specific financial needs and goals.