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Free Property Evaluation

Regardless if you’re a buyer, seller, or even a current owner, Alliance Investment Real Estate Group is happy to prepare a free property evaluation at no cost or obligation. This compilation of data includes rent surveys, recently closed sales comps, on-market comps, and a list of exchange opportunities and alternatives; all of which will empower you to make intelligent and educated investment decisions.

Call Alliance today at 949.250.0400 and ask for an available agent to request your free property evaluation. Or, if you prefer, simply print out and complete the property evaluation worksheet and fax back to 866.576.8456.

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Off-Market Properties

In addition to our on-market properties listed for sale, we have many more off-market opportunities (pocket deals) that never get exposed to the general public. Please call us at 949.250.0400 to get more information and learn more about these deals.

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